Get started with the SCRIIN app

  • Check that you have automatic code lock on your mobile phone. This is required for screen time measurement to work properly.
  • Download and install the SCRIIN ​​app.
  • Register an account if you want to get more out of SCRIIN ​​- Select ”Settings” and follow the instructions to register. Now you can see your history, join groups or create your own and invite family and friends .

General FAQ

How does SCRIIN measure physical activity?
SCRIIN uses the accelerometer / pedometer in your mobile phone or in your activity bracelet to measure and calculate your physical activity. If you use an activity bracelet, it must support Apple Heath if you have an iPhone or Google Fit if you have an Android phone. In order for SCRIIN to classify a time interval as physically active, you must achieve at least a moderate intensity, which corresponds to a quick walk (100 steps / min or more). There is also the opportunity to use Apple’s measurement method of training time, if you have an Apple Watch, you will choose this option when installing the app.​

How does the SCRIIN app measure screen time?
All the time that the screen of your mobile phone is lit and unlocked is recorded as screen time. In order for the SCRIIN ​​app to track your screen time on an iPhone it must run the background. This is only possible if you give SCRIIN access to “Location services” and select “Always allow”.

What do the different rings mean?
The turquoise ring is physical activity with at least moderate intensity – e.g. to take a brisk walk, play football, dance or jump trampoline.

The blue ring is all activity, ie. all the time you not sitting still or laying down.

The SCRIIN ​​tracker does not sync with the app
Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your mobile. Then try restarting the SCRIIN ​​app. In some cases, it may take a few minutes to transfer data from the SCRIIN ​​app, while the green status light will flash. If the restart does not help, try pairing the SCRIIN tracker again (Settings-> Devices for activity tracking -> Add SCRIIN ​​tracker). If none of the above works, contact and we will try to help you.

Why is my physical activity not updated in the app?
There may be several reasons:

  1. Your activity activity tracker does not support Apple Health or Google Fit. Action: Check your watch manual. Fitbit has unfortunately no support at this time.
  2.  The Apple Health / Google Fitness app is not enabled. Action: Open the Health app (white icon with a red heart on iPhone) or download the Fitness app (Android) and make sure that these are properly configured.
  3. Your activity band has not yet synched data to SCRIIN. It may take up to 10 minutes. 

Can you set personal goals?
Yes, you can set personal goals for steps, movement time, heart rate increase and movement time. You do this in settings.
Groups – what is the difference between “transparent” and “incognito”?
If the group is incognito, you do not share your screen time and physical activity with each other in the group, but only see the group’s averages. If the group is transparent you share your individual values ​​with each other.

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