Smart technology to activate kids at school

Inspire your student to achieve WHO’s activity goal

We at SCRIIN ​​want the young generation to be healthy in our digital world. Our vision is that all children should achieve the WHO’s activity goals and find the balance between screen time and physical activity. We develop smart technology that provides insight and encouragement on the road. Over 250 schools use SCRIIN ​​- does your school want to join the movement?


SCRIIN Move is a tool for schools that want to work systematically to increase physical activity during the school day. It’s based on the SCRIIN activity tracker. Use SCRIIN Move as a measurement tool to and to motivate your students to achieve WHO’s recommendations.

SCRIIN Balance

SCRIIN Balance helps students find a healthy balance between screen time and physical activity. It’s based on the  SCRIIN app that tracks the number of steps, active minutes and the screen time. It come with a reporting tool and an the SCRIIN activity tracker (optional).

Children need at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity
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