Balance screen time and physical activity

Balance screen time and physical activity

Our vision is a digital world where every child grows up healthy

ACCORDING TO WHO, ONLY 15 PERCENT of our children and young people are physically active enough. We at SCRIIN want everyone to be healthy.

SCRIIN develops smart technology for schools, families and companies that encourages daily physical activity and healthy digital habits. We collaborate with researchers and build systems that collect large amounts of movement data. We find the balance between the digital society and the body’s basic needs – and we hope you’re on the train.


A tool for schools that want to work systematically to increase physical activity during the school day. It’s based on the SCRIIN activity tracker. Use SCRIIN Move as a measurement tool to and to motivate your students to achieve WHO’s recommendations.


The SCRIIN ​​app inspires the whole family to balance screen time and physical activity.

Encourage each other to leave the sofa and skip the screen. Create fun challenges – for example, walk 100,000 steps together and celebrate with a nice reward when you reach your goal.

SCRIIN Research

Are you a researcher with in physical activity? Do you want to collect large amounts of data cost-efficiently? SCRIIN’s activity tracker and och app is designed for research projects, especially for collecting data in large population studies.


The municipality of Stockholms use SCRIIN to increase physical activity in thier 150 public schools.

The Harelius family uses SCRIIN app and activity tracker to balance screen time and physical activity.

In 2019, researchers at Karolinska Institutet conducted a study on how SCRIIN ​​contributes to a balance between screen time and physical activity at school.

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