Our vision – living actively and healthy in our digital world

Hur det började

My son Joel was 11 years old and started spending more and more time on computer games. He put on his headset and disappeared into fantastic worlds. Met old and new friends, had great fun, learned a lot of new things – and stayed put. Hour after hour.

Every day, Joel’s interest in playing football, skateboarding or going fishing was shrinking. And every day we argued more about the importance of regular exercise. Then and there I got my idea for SCRIIN.

We at SCRIIN ​​have all worked in the IT industry for a long time. We see all the advantages of the digital society, but we are also aware of the flip side of the coin. Now we rethink, think right and create a balance between screen time and physical activity.

Get the balance right

We know technology. We love technology. During our years in the IT industry, we have solved many societal problems – but also created a new one. We have contributed to a sedentary society. We can’t have it like this.

SCRIIN ​​is a team of social entrepreneurs with expertise in technology. We collaborate with experts and researchers in physical activity and behavioral science. We want to adapt the digital society to our children – not the other way around.


Malin Sjöstrand

Johan Rilegård
Sales & Business Development

Thomas Thyberg
Software Engineer

Karol Michalski
Project Management & Support

Kristina Thufvesson

Erika Mayer-Andersson
UX & Design

Our non-profit projects

SCRIIN ​​also has a non-profit activity. Through our collaboration with Bonnier Fakta and Generation Pep, schools and municipalities can order class sets of Anders Hansen’s books for only shipping and handling costs.

We also offer schools, for example, to borrow activity meters for a shorter period of time. This activity is financed by foundations and sponsors such as Kronprinsessparets stiftelse and Länsförsäkringar.

Advisory board

SCRIIN’s goal is to be at the forefront with smart technology and evidence-based methods. That is why we collaborate with researchers, experts and organizations that share our vision.

Daniel Berglind, 
Karolinska Institutet
Associate Professor,  Institutionen for Public Health

Marie Harding
​Generation Pep

Martin Lossman
Motus Vitae Foundation

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